Compared to conventional fixed spray nozzles, the Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles reduce outdoor water use by improving the efficiency of an irrigation system. Toro Precision Nozzles can be easily retrofitted to most existing pop-up spray heads and require no specialized tools for adjustment. Compared to conventional fixed spray nozzles, the Precision Nozzles will improve:

  1. Distribution Uniformity (water is applied in a more even manner)
  2. Precipitation Rate Reduction (reducing the amount of water put out by a sprinkler)
  3. Run-off Reduction (multiple sizes are available so the proper nozzle can be selected to reduce over-spray)

These three characteristics are all key factors for improved sprinkler efficiency. Increasing efficiency can have a positive effect on both your landscape and water bill.

Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles are high efficiency nozzles that use a completely different technology to create their spray pattern. Compared to conventional spray nozzles, the Precision Series Nozzles use between 20-30% less water while achieving the same coverage. In other words, a higher percentage of the water discharged from a Precision Spray Nozzle reaches the root zone when compared to a conventional spray nozzl

The Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles come in both male and female threads in an effort to accommodate as many different brands as possible. (That way you can simply change out the nozzle instead of the entire sprinkler body.) The brands that Toro Precision Nozzles retrofit include:

  • Toro
  • Hunter
  • Rain Bird
  • Irritrol
  • K-Rain
  • HIT/Rain Pro
  • Weathermatic
  • Signature/Nelson

Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles do not fit on old/existing brass sprinkler heads; there must be a plastic sprinkler body for them to retrofit. If you do not see your brand of sprinkler on this list, or if you have further questions, please contact a local distributor for more information.

Yes, the nozzles will not fit the following sprinklers:

  • Champion Brass
  • Weathermatic Brass

No. Precision nozzles are attached to a spray head body just like any other nozzle. They also have a radius adjustment screw on top just like any other nozzle. But unlike any other nozzle there’s a lot of spray pattern information on top of the nozzle contained in the color codes and graphics.

You will need to return home and use our sketch pad to fill out your checklist. Sprinkler nozzles come in many different spray patterns (sizes) to accommodate different areas of your yard. There are two measurements that determine the spray pattern of a nozzle:

  1. Arc (degree measurement on the circumference of a circle. Example: quarter is equal to 90 degrees and a half is equal to 180 degrees.)
  2. Radius (how many feet the water will spray out of the nozzle.)

Your existing conventional nozzles should have a letter followed by a number marked on the top that will indicate their spray pattern. A nozzle with a 15Q is a nozzle that emits a 15 foot, 90 degree spray.

Precision Series nozzles are color-coded on top to indicate the radius used – red is for 5’, green is for 8’, blue is for 10’, brown is for 12’ and black is for 15’. In addition, a series of white hash marks around the top circumference of the nozzle will indicate the exact arc pattern.

It is very important that you arrive at the store prepared with your completed checklist. Stores don’t know what nozzles you need because they don’t know your yard!

Yes, if you install the correct spray pattern. Due to the drought, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) has issued mandatory water restrictions for California. The SWRCB is now requiring that all water agencies issue citations to their customers for using water in a prohibited manner. One such prohibited use reads as followed:

“The application of potable water to outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes runoff such that water flows onto adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, private and public walkways, roadways, parking lots, or structures”

By selecting the proper spray pattern or size nozzle for your landscape you can avoid overspray which is a main cause of runoff. Overspray occurs when your sprinklers are watering the driveway or sidewalk because the radius of the installed nozzle is too large.

Example: A 15 foot nozzle is installed where there is only 10 feet between the sprinkler head and the sidewalk. Picture of overspray

By deciding to participate in, you can take the opportunity to make sure that your irrigation system is not producing overspray which reduces your chances of being fined for wasting water.

The brown spots in your lawn are most likely caused by an irrigation system problem: poor design, improper sprinkler spacing, operating pressure too high/too low, broken or plugged sprinkler heads, a malfunctioning irrigation clock, or station run time problems.

  1. Poor Design – the Toro Precision Nozzles cannot improve the infrastructure of your existing system but you can take the time to make the needed improvements while you are participating in
  2. Improper sprinkler spacing – because the Toro Precision Nozzles are available in many different spray patterns, you may be able to overcome your poor spacing by choosing a nozzle with a larger radius when completing your retrofit project.
  3. Operating pressure too high/low – Toro Precision Nozzles can help address this problem. If your system’s pressure is too low, high efficiency nozzles increase the pressure of a system due to their lower precipitation rate. Installing Toro Precision Series Nozzles should increase the system pressure and improve the health of the landscape. If your system’s pressure is too high, Precision Series Spray Nozzles with Pressure-Compensating Device will address this problem as well. Please see the misting question in this FAQ for more details.
  4. Broken or plugged sprinkler heads – over time, sprinkler heads will become damaged and need to be repaired. Participating in will allow you the chance to inspect your irrigation system for such damages. By replacing your traditional nozzles with the Precision Series Spray Nozzles, you can ensure that your sprinkler heads are neither broken nor plugged.
  5. Irrigation controller problems – a malfunctioning controller or station run time problems cannot be corrected by participation in but should be address when you are evaluating your irrigation system. The controller is the brain or your irrigation system and proper functionality is vital to the efficient use of water. Please see your water utility’s website for more information on receiving a rebate for the installation of a new Weather Based Irrigation Controller.

If water pressure is too high it can cause sprinklers to mist or fog. When you see a spray nozzle mist, the mist represents inefficiency. Toro created Precision Series Spray Nozzles with a Pressure-Compensating Device to combat the misting caused by high pressure.

Nearly all spray nozzles perform best at or around 30 PSI, but when pressures rise to 50-70 PSI even the best nozzles mist and perform less than optimally. That is where the PCD comes in. It reduces the pressure to the more optimal 30 PSI and keeps it close to that pressure, even when the inlet's water pressure fluctuates.

Yes, just make sure that you inform your distributor that you would like these nozzles when placing your order. You will know your nozzles contain the PCD if the Toro name on the top of the nozzle is red.

A filled out checklist of what nozzles you need! Do you need male or female threads? Do you need full, half or quarter sprays? Stores don’t know what you need because they don’t know your yard! If you have questions call a listed distributor.

You will also need to bring your voucher! Don’t forget to print it out and take it in with you within 30 days!